Trees, Conifers & Hedging

Whether you’re looking for a little privacy, you’d like a fruit tree or you’d simply like a focal point for your garden, we stock a range of trees and climbing plants that are just the job.


Whether you opt for an ornamental or a fruit tree, the right choice of tree can transform your garden changing its landscape and skyline. Whether you choose a tree for its fruit, blossom or foliage your new purchase can thrive in both your garden or the right size pot to suit all garden sizes.

We sell trees throughout the year with ideal planting time ranging from March to October. Our new tree stocks is usually available from the end of August.

Conifers and hedging

Perfect for blocking the view of nosy neighbours, keeping out (or in) pesky animals or simply to break up your garden, why not come down and see our array of hedging and screening plants.


We stock a wide variety of conifers in different sizes and foliage to suite any space. Conifers offer a great often low maintenance way of providing structure in your garden and boarder.

Water well in the weeks after planting and your conifer will do the rest! They can give you low growing ground cover, provide a central feature for a bed or soften an area when a more fringed foliage variety is chosen.

Hedging and screening plants

At Moores we stock Laurel, Leylandii and Box (Buxus) hedging. Multi-buy deals are usually available throughout the year so the more you buy the more you save, which is ideal for larger projects.

We also offer alternative shrubs for a more unique hedge such as Eucalyptus, Lavender and Red Robin.

Trees, Conifers & Hedging Products